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Bear is Home. Reimagining our brand.
Sam Vlessing
April 21, 2023
Today, we have some really exciting news to share about the evolution of our company and our brand. We’re surfacing our rebrand, a change that has been in our hearts for a long time as our product, mission, and vision has evolved.
Reimagining Bear
We started Bear with the goal of bringing the furniture manufacturing category the solution it needed for ecommerce. Our deep roots in the space and our excitement for the future of the category translated to our brand. It took us a long way.

To know the furniture & home category is to know it’s complex. Big catalogs, bulky SKUs and tangled supply chains type of complex. We’re incredibly proud to be building the only purpose built solution for our industry. We’re doing it for our customers — by furniture, for furniture.
we have big ambitions AND it was time for our brand to grow with us as a business.
THE PATH Forward
Over the last few months, we set out on a path of deep discovery to redefine our brand. We asked questions about who we were as a company and why we were doing it. We explored how our customers think about us, and what the furniture & home category stands for.

Branding, however, if often misunderstood. A strong brand isn’t just visual identity, like logos, wordmarks, and colors. If executed correctly, branding generates a feeling, and the job of that feeling is to help get everyone on the same page and in pursuit of a common goal. When everyone is on the same page with a common goal, that’s when you win.

And so, we wanted our rebrand to honor our partners and customers—the ones we exist to serve.
Our true north goal is to be the most trusted partner for furniture and home manufacturers.
And so, we wanted our rebrand to honor our partners and customers—the ones we exist to serve.
I live and breathe furniture and what it means to be a manufacturer. Most folks say that it’s just business, but for me everyone at Bear, it’s personal.
Sam Vlessing
CEO, CommerceBear
What started on for furniture categories has expanded to now include many more home categories over the past year. So whether you are a manufacturer of upholstery, lighting, casegoods, rugs, patio furniture, bedding, and the future categories we’ll support tomorrow, you can find yourself here.
Our branding represents our future: Bear is home.
As most things go, the perfect logo was right under our nose.
Thank you to our customers
This is just the first step in the beginning of our brand launch. And over the next few weeks you’ll see more of it make its way into Bear. To our customers, we say thank you because we don’t exist without you.

We rely deeply on your feedback and are beyond grateful that you’re helping us build the best possible software solution for the home category.
We’d also like to thank Renga for helping us reimagine the Bear Brand and bring it to life.
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