The only platform built for furniture.
The modern selling platform for furniture makers to grow their revenue.
The #1 ranked sofa on Overstock is powered by Bear.
Leverage your existing supply chain to generate net-new revenue on the most popular channels for all things home.
Trusted by leading furniture brands.
Your single source of truth for furniture.
Th easiest and most reliable way to build and manage listings, control your catalog, manage pricing and MAP violations, and scale your business across the digital shelf.
Catalog Management
Channel Management
Furniture Listings
Pricing and MAP
Image resizing and more
Inventory and Orders
Industry Level Support
Multichannel Publishing
Fully optimized product image
Automate Inventory
Sync quantities across channels
Dynamic pricing to drive visibility
Expert Support & Analytics
Insight and performance data
Learn how GTR Leather went from $0 to $1M in less than a year through Bear.
Built specifically for furniture manufacturers and wholesalers.
Our customers include top 100 companies, SMBs, and family owned businesses. Bear helps you reduce time spent on execution.
“CommerceBear produced terrific results in a very short period of time, enabling us to build a highly effective online revenue channel. We love the momentum.”
Christopher Thorpe,
“The CommerceBear platform has become an extension of Leather Italia within our company. I would definitely recommend them to any furniture wholesaler or manufacturer looking to scale an ecommerce presence.”
Zachary Shilen,
VP of Sales
"Bear has helped us drive net-new revenue, unlock new channels like Overstock, and generate significant costs savings internally."

Greg Morgan,
Exec. VP of Sales and Merchandising
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A simple, efficient way to drive new revenue and lower operational costs.
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