Level up your
ecomm game.
Bear is perfect for top 100s, SMBs, and family businesses. Enjoy working with a platform that adapts to your specific needs while keeping you closely aligned with all your online channels.

Scalable and flexible pricing ⚡

Catalog Syndication
Priced Per SKU
Based on your catalog needs
Powerful product listings
designed to drive sales

Fully optimized listings
Complete data and content
Designed to drive sales
Bear Platform
Starting at
Billed monthly
Automated Inventory, Growth,
Support and Analytics

Sync your inventory
Leverage growth programs
Insight and performance data
New Channels
Per channel
All negotiating, contracting, payments, and legal
Get set up faster
Channel specific support
Effortless and streamlined
*30-days no commitment. We stand by our product. CommerceBear offers an additional discount for companies who pay annually.
GMV ties it all together ✨
When you win, we win.
To keep your upfront and subscription costs low, CommerceBear charges a small % of sales, also known as a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) contribution. Since our customers are our partners, our upside is directly tied to your ecommerce performance.
Trusted by leading brands
Need custom pricing?
For enterprises that need complex customization options with private dedicated infrastructure, we've got you covered.
Give Bear a try
A simple, efficient way to drive new revenue and lower operational costs.
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