✨Team highlight: welcoming David Hobson!

Will Staunton
September 14, 2020

The CommerceBear dev team gains another ten fingers (not to mention another brain), pushing code and polishing software to make ecommerce accessible and affordable for furniture manufacturers everywhere. We’re excited to welcome David Hobson to the team as our newest Full Stack Developer! Let’s get to know him a little.

What are you most excited about as you join the Bear team?

I’m definitely most excited to see all the behind the scenes action that happens at CommerceBear. With most software, as a user you only get to see the end result or final product. As a developer, you get to see how an idea goes from a simple coffee conversation all the way into the hands of thousands of people. Joining an innovative team that is on that journey is just plain awesome!

How do you approach writing code?

Start with a small prototype, and build on top of that. When I first approach a problem, it usually tends to be very ambiguous. By working on something small but functional, I get more familiar with the nuances of the situation and gain a better understanding of what path to take forward. After multiple iterations, that small prototype could grow into something completely different, but it all started somewhere.

“Once you understand how you learn, the sky’s the limit!”

What are you most proud of building?

In my last semester of university, I had to create a video game for the software engineering program I was in. It was difficult to make something entertaining to play, but the final result was a fun old school couch co-op game that required two people to work together. Overall, it was a fairly successful project, and something that I learned a lot from.

What’s your favourite ecommerce marketplace?

Although I don’t shop online much, I find myself gravitating towards Amazon. Prime shipping is real nice for last second gifts ;)

What’s your favorite article of furniture?

I’ll have to go with my bed. I do love a good sleep.

What do you do in your down time?

I enjoy cooking and recently got into digital art to develop my creative skills. I definitely play a good amount of video games (maybe too much). In the summer I’ll try to make it up to my cottage and do some kayaking.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

In my younger years I took singing and guitar lessons along with musical theory. But I haven’t done it in awhile, so my Wonderwall might be a little rusty.

What piece of advice would you give new software developers?

Learn how to learn. In software, things are constantly changing and having the ability to learn effectively will help you adapt. Once you understand how you learn, the sky’s the limit!

Welcome aboard, David!

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