✨Team highlight: welcoming Cam!

A conversation with CommerceBear’s newest full stack engineer, Cameron Eldridge.

Will Staunton
May 7, 2020

There’s a new face joining our engineering team, and we’re super excited about it. We asked him a couple of questions about his approach, his experience, and his advice.

Cam graduated from the University of Waterloo in Computer Science in April 2020. He brings significant experience in front and back-end development, and has worked as a software developer for Bunz and RBC. Let’s get to know him!

How do you approach writing code?
I try to pretend to be the computer first — to think how it thinks. They’re not all that smart, so a lot of it is like a puzzle: how to explain simple tasks in a way that even a machine couldn’t get confused. At the same time, I try to make sure the code is visually pleasing and easy to follow for people… but they are much harder to please.

“I reduce technical debt and always work to leave a file better than when I found it.”

What are you most proud of building?
It’s not any one thing I’ve built, but I am proud of having built many things. I like to work on a variety of projects in different spaces, using different technologies and languages when possible.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give new software developers?

People will be suggesting you learn Java. Don’t listen to them. It will only bring you sadness and regret. You can pick up a new language easily after learning the first one, but you have to start building good habits from the start, and good habits do not come from Java.

“People will be suggesting you learn Java. Don’t listen to them.”

Which ecommerce marketplace do you shop mostly at?
I don’t buy a lot of physical products, and still prefer shopping in stores for those… but I’ve bought a lot of games on Steam that I never end up playing.

What’s your favorite article of furniture?
I like my bookshelf I guess. Would be nice if it was a bit bigger.

What do you do in your down time?
Read the books that are stored on that shelf. I bought too many, so now I’m not allowed to buy more until I read the ones I have.

What are you most excited about as you join the Bear team?
I’ve never joined a company this early in its lifetime before! I’m excited to be joining a team as it starts to grow, and to see what we can all build together.

Welcome to the team, Cam!

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