✨Team Highlight: welcome Zach Kent!

May 13, 2022

With a wealth of experience from hiring to training to managing sales teams, Zach brings his powerhouse work ethic and keen business eye to CommerceBear. Zach has worked for a number of B2B tech companies, and has already hit the ground running. We got to squeeze a quick Q&A into his already jam-packed schedule.

What are you most excited about as you join Bear?

I’m most excited about building a great company alongside everyone at Bear, and a world class sales org alongside Evan Santa (read his Q&A here!). The trajectory of the company, everyone's desire to succeed, paired with Evan’s leadership and Sam’s infectious enthusiasm made joining Bear an easy choice.

What drew you to sales in the first place? What makes a good salesperson?

I actually started in sales by accident. I joined a company thinking I would be doing event management, but on day one I was handed a phone and told to start making calls. My journey in sales has been pretty organic, but I think my persistence, empathy and attention to detail has helped me succeed in my sales career. Those are the values I try to instill in all new sales people I work with.

What are your first moves when you’re starting on a new team?

Meet everyone, put a face to a name, and open a line of communication. Next, be a sponge, try to absorb and collect as much information as possible. Curate that information and begin to make my own process and connections. Dive in head first and start doing. Sitting on the sidelines works for a little bit but the best way for me to learn is to do

What are your words to live by professionally? 

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. This is how I have been successful in sales. You will never feel “ready” to make that first call or send that first email, so the best thing is to break out of your comfort zone and prove to yourself that you can do it no matter how you may feel. 

What’s your favourite article of furniture?

I love sofas. At the end of a long day lying on the couch and watching sports or a movie is the best. There’s no better bang for your buck than something you can sit on, sleep on and eat on.

What do you do in your down time?

I love to golf - enthusiast is an understatement, “addict” is probably more appropriate. Watching, playing and talking sports; hockey, baseball, basketball, football and golf. I love trying new restaurants and food and going on walks with my mini golden-doodle Benny. 

With so many IRONS in the fire, thanks FORE making the time! Welcome to the team!


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