✨Team Highlight: say hi to Armando Falotico!

June 29, 2022

Today we’re featuring one of our newest Account Executives on the Sales team, Armando Falotico. An experienced salesperson, Armando brings determination and an amazing track record of smashing his performance quotas. We’re excited to welcome such a powerhouse salesperson to the team. Let’s get to know him!

What are you most excited about as you join Bear?

I'm most excited about being part of a winning company culture that is looking to make a large, positive impact on the merchants Bear works with. It excites me to help propel CommerceBear to the next level in the furniture space.

What drew you to sales? What makes a great salesperson?

My old roommate drew me to sales, actually. They graduated from the same program as me a year before (Communications) and recommended I get into it as well. I never looked back, and the rest was history. I think what makes me successful in sales is that I like to keep things simple. Also, I really get a thrill out of hunting for new business and am not afraid to go for it. 

What are your first moves when you’re starting on a new team?

My first moves are to introduce myself to the rest of the team, familiarize myself with the processes and learn the personas that I will be speaking to daily. I also ask a lot of questions and lean on my colleagues to help me get up to speed with all things CommerceBear 

What are your words to live by professionally? 

Respect your peers and work smart. 

What’s your favourite article of furniture? Favourite down time activity?

My favourite article of furniture would probably be a La-Z-Boy recliner couch that I can sit and watch Netflix all day in. My favourite down time activity would have to be spending time with my family having a home cooked meal and washing my car on a hot summer day.

You're making a splash here already! Welcome to the team, Armando!

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