✨Team highlight: say hello to Jayden!

Getting to know our newest full stack developer.

Will Staunton
August 31, 2020

Congratulations to Jayden Arquelada, the newest member of the CommerceBear dev team! A recent grad from University of Toronto’s Computer Science program, Jayden’s years of experience as a teaching assistant will give him patience as the content team repeatedly mixes up their Nodes and their NoSQLs. (I don’t know what either of those are.)

Let’s get to know him!

What are you most excited about as you join the Bear team?
The thing that excites me most is being able to contribute to the success and growth of a small but talented company! CommerceBear is building an amazing product that allows furniture manufacturers to easily integrate with ecommerce marketplaces, and I’m excited to help build and scale that platform!

How do you approach writing code?
Before I even start writing code, I like to make sure I have a solid understanding of the problem or task at hand. I want to make sure I know what that code is going to do, in order to solve the problem. Once I have that down, I like to implement the functionality piece by piece, ensuring each part works on its own, as well as when interconnected with other components.

What are you most proud of building?
The project I’m most proud of building is an application called code-llaborate that I helped build in my last semester. We had an opportunity to build a web application of our choice, and we built a real time code editor to be used within a classroom environment. It was a great learning experience and I’m proud of the work we did!

What’s your favourite ecommerce marketplace?
My favourite ecommerce marketplace would have to be Amazon. Great place to buy whatever you need.

What’s your favourite article of furniture?
That would have to be my chair. Gotta have a comfy chair, especially if you’re working from home!

What do you do in your down time?
Outside of coding, another passion of mine is music (both listening to and making). I love listening to lofi when working on things, and I recently tried to make some lofi covers of my own! I also like to game in my spare time.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give new software developers?
One thing I would tell new software developers is to find out what interests you the most. Software engineering is such a huge field, and there are so many different things you can be a part of: web-development, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, automation and more. Don’t be overwhelmed — explore and find what you’re passionate about, and go on to build great solutions in that area!

Welcome to the team, Jayden!

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