✨Team Highlight: meet Sally Labib!

Welcoming some brand new firepower to the Bear CX team.

August 23, 2021

CommerceBear is incredibly thrilled to welcome Sally Labib to the team! Bringing deep expertise from Shopify and TouchBistro, she’s got all the know-how to create a world-class experience for our merchants. She’s already making a huge impression with her drive to learn, improve, and challenge the status quo — and we got the chance to ask her a few questions.

What are you most excited about as you join Bear?

There is an incredible energy percolating around this organization; people are so willing to help, educate, and explain - I love that!

You’re joining us from a much larger company - what attracted you to join a smaller team like ours?

Shopify gave me an incredible opportunity to see how a technology company operates at-scale and stays flexible in an ever-changing industry - with that, came a sense of being ‘a drop in the ocean’ and sometimes even feeling lost at sea. I’m excited to see land on the horizon here: we are a cohesive team, focused on a shared goal, and each result feels so close, it’s palpable.

In short, there is a world of space here to grow into. (And replicate some of that at-scale magic ✨!)

What’s your philosophy for customer success?

I believe in a strong and frequent feedback loop; when people know what to expect, there’s room to collaborate - that’s what I’m here to do with our users: dream alongside them.

What are your first moves for getting to know a whole new set of customers?

Active listening, humility, and empathy. I know the world of technology, but I haven’t ever been a furniture designer -- I need to learn from them, so they can learn from me. 

What’s your favorite article of furniture?

I love to go antiquing: I have a desk for a Home Teacher with a full scroll of lessons (patented in 1885) which functions as a desk, a chalkboard and a world map (which isn’t exactly accurate, but still).

What are your go-to downtime activities?

In a lockdown: you’ll find me studying TV series or documentary films. Not in a lockdown: I love the Blue Jays; I can’t resist a stand-up comedy show; and I get some pretty awesome eats in the city -- I love finding new restaurateurs and their havens.

I hear you’ve got cats! Can you introduce us? What are they like?

SURE CAN! Two sibling kitties -- think ‘patience’ and ‘prudence’ except they’re more like ‘calamity’ and ‘curiosity’ --  Onyx (all black) & Maestro (in the tux):

Welcome to the team!

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