✨Team Highlight: let’s meet Tom Ryan!

June 6, 2022

Thomas brings a wealth of experience in the Canadian tech industry, as a veteran of Vidyard, Igloo, OpenText and more. He is 'motivated by the why', drilling down to find the root of any merchant’s needs to give them the best possible experience. With a skillset including enterprise sales, escalation management, contract management, onboarding, adoption, and cultivating durable evergreen relationships, we can't wait for our merchants to meet him.

What are you most excited about as you join Bear?

I am just flat out excited about the entire Bear opportunity – the people, product, industry and the chance to partner so intimately with our customers to drive those tangible business outcomes. Our customers are solving some of the most complicated ecommerce challenges and I get to be a contributing partner to that. How could I not be excited for all of it?!

What drew you to Merchant Success? What makes a great account manager?

Helping people achieve their goals, helping them power up to whatever the next level looks like for them, that is what I live for - it’s ultimately what drove me into Success Management. I have always been curious about the why and the how of people and that has led me down this path. 

I think what makes a great account manager is having a deeply rooted desire to understand the goals, drivers, and needs of others. Being able to weave those into a relational tapestry for the business is the pinnacle of account management.  

What are your first moves when you’re starting on a new team?

Be the best student I can be. Take it all in. Ask a ton of questions and listen with my whole self - fully present. Try to expose myself to everything. Everyone has an incredible story to share and it’s so vital to get together with them to hear it. 

What are your words to live by professionally? 

“This too shall pass.” - Abraham Lincoln

I adore this quote. While it seems simple, it's a solid life lesson and an action-forward statement that nothing, no matter how good, bad, or ugly, will remain indefinitely. It reminds me that we must always strive for growth, celebrate the wins and respect the losses. And finally that we need to find the things that energize us and double down on those. 

What’s your favourite article of furniture? Favourite down time activity?

That’s easy! Dining room table. Hands down. The dining table or dinner table as it was known in my house growing up was the center of the known universe. Everything happened or was celebrated, worked on, built, destroyed, devoured, enjoyed, and discussed at or on that piece of furniture. It also serves as the workbench for my favourite down time activity - cooking! Nothing brings my family or friends together like baking cookies and making an absolute mess across the table. 

Dine on! Welcome to the team!


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