✨Team Highlight: featuring Amanda Clark!

August 19, 2022

A driven and enthusiastic member of our Sales team, we’re thrilled to have Amanda on the front lines. Amanda’s role as a Business Development Representative makes her, for some, the first contact with CommerceBear. Let’s hear how it’s going for her!

Welcome to the team! What have you liked most so far?

The culture at Bear is unlike any I’ve seen! Everyone is amazing at what they do, and they are all working so hard to make our company successful. Knowing how hard everyone around me is working, from Product, to Merchant Success, all the way up to leadership, motivates me to be successful in my role as well! 

It also makes it really easy when I can wholeheartedly sell to a new prospect that they will be in GREAT hands when they sign onto Bear. 

What drew you to the sales industry? What do you think makes a great salesperson?

I fell into sales very organically. I have always liked talking to people and helping clients find solutions to their problems. I think a great salesperson is one who listens more than they talk; one who finds out the problem the prospect is facing and highlights the solutions that our product can offer! 

The biggest highlight of my sales career has been joining this team! I was very nervous coming into the sales world, but the Bear sales team is constantly moving with empathy and compassion, and everyone is always there to support anyone who needs it! 

What are your words to live by professionally? 

My brother has a Babe Ruth poster that says, Every strike brings me closer to the next home run”. That sums up what professional life is like as a BDR!

In your opinion, what’s the best piece of furniture? 

The best piece of furniture is one that’s purchased through a Bear-powered listing! 

Kidding (not). But I really like a good dining room table! I come from a big family so the dining room table was the best place to come together and see everyone, and I see it as one of the most important pieces in a home.

What’s your go-to down time activity?

I coach a competitive ringette team for girls aged 15-18! It’s a lot of fun. We travel across the province to play every weekend and are on the ice 3 times a week, so that takes up the majority of my down-time.

I guess it's not just phones you'll have ringing! Welcome to the team, Amanda!


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