Say hello to our new name: CommerceBear

Sam Vlessing
January 15, 2020

Today we’re launching a new name and branding as we enter a new phase of growth. We absolutely loved 💕our old name and I know that many of you felt the same. And yet, I am here to explain why we decided to change it.

Our new evergreen branding.

As CommerceBear, we’re entering an entirely new stage of growth and take a step forward with a new name that gets to the heart of what we do for our customers. We’re keeping our logo; our little Bear has become notorious in the industry, capturing the hearts and minds of our colleagues, customers, and partners nationwide. We see our new name as evergreen, enduring, and that it will be as current in ten years as it is today.

We grew Bear from a tiny basement office in 2017 to a market-leading software company making a tremendous impact in our industry. With the capital we recently raised (💰💰💰) we’re doubling down on more strategic hires, increased market presence, and better technology to help our customers reach their full potential. We’re more ready than ever for phase 2.0 of growth.

Over the next few months you’ll see other CommerceBear visuals around our rebrand: on our site, in ads, and in our products. We’re still Bear. None of that has changed. But our name is more enduring, evergreen, and in line with what we do. We hope that you feel the same way.

TL;DR: We changed our name.

Be excellent to each other,

Sam Vlessing

P.S. We’re hiring!

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