👀 Product Updates November 2021

Isaac Kim
November 24, 2021

A lot has happened in the world of Bear, and I want to share some of the exciting improvements we've made in just the last month.

  • Catalog Status: New Simplified Filtering
  • Feature Highlight: Email Notifications
  • What’s New with Bear? Change Log
  • Submit Feature Requests and see the Bear Roadmap

Catalog Status: Simpler Filtering

Catalog status example

👀 Filtering for specific channels or statuses is now simpler than ever. We did this by adding a single channel filter, allowing you to quickly choose exactly what you want to see.

🔥 This means that you can narrow down your selection to channel and product status level. For example, “show me all my paused SKUs on Houzz” or, “show me my active SKUs on Wayfair.”

❗ Don't see Catalog Status in your Bear account? Request BETA access by clicking this link.

Feature Highlight Email Notifications
Email Notification Setting Image

📢 ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), don’t miss a single thing by opting in to emails and receive updates in your inbox for:

  • SKUs on Wayfair and Overstock placed on channel hold overnight
  • Unsuccessful inventory pushes
  • New active SKUs on Amazon and Walmart
  • Sales orders and order status changes for Overstock

🚪 Don't leave the door open to missed orders or delayed confirmations. With email notifications set, Bear delivers new orders and order status changes for Overstock, directly to your inbox.

📥 Visibility is the name of the game when it comes to large in-flux furniture catalogs. This is even more important when dealing with multiple channels. A 100 SKU catalog on 4 channels equates to tracking 400 SKUs.

With Bear email notifications, we’ll show you where to look, all from within your inbox.

Whats New With Bear Change Logo

We made some notable changes to the platform in our most recent software update:

  • Dismissible banner on Catalog Status linking out to our Help Center
  • Login page is no longer case sensitive
  • More intuitive navigation sidebar (yay!!!)
  • “Help” button doesn’t obscure anything from view on smaller displays
  • No more Login issues or bugs
  • URL link in New Product Email notifications shows associated products correctly
  • Look and Feel: more consistent spacing around buttons
  • New fun Bear facts

NEW Submit Feature Requests
Responsive Portal Image

💡 Have ideas on how to improve the Bear Platform? Submit them on our new Feature Request Board. Comment on your favorite requests already submitted by other Bear users and upvote the ones you want to see live ASAP.

🛣️ You can also see our Product Roadmap, outlining what we’re currently working on today, what's next in development, and what’s on the future horizon.

Thank You for Reading

🦃 In this season of Thanksgving, we’re thankful for the Bear community, made up of merchants and supporters like you. Bear is purpose built specifically with you in mind, and we’re committed to building our platform around the unique complexities you face as a furniture maker.

Thank you for being a part of the Bear community and helping us shape the future of furniture together.

💡 If you have ideas on how to make the Bear Platform better, submit them on our new Feature Request Board, or email me directly at product@commercebear.com with any feedback, questions, or fun bear facts.

Always Moving Forward,

Isaac Kim
Head of Product @ CommerceBear

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