October Product Updates ⚡

Isaac Kim
October 29, 2021

👋 It’s Isaac from Bear’s Product Team. Sending you all the best wishes and positive vibes on this beautiful day. I hope those who attended High Point had a terrific market!


Catalog Status Image

👓 For the first time ever, you have complete visibility of your listings across channels.

🕵️ Jump into your active listings and verify your catalog is active on each sales channel. You can also see if SKUs in your catalog are on channel hold, discontinued, paused, or pending as new additions being launched by Bear.

📥 Stay in the loop by setting daily email notifications for any status changes to products in your catalog.

Request BETA access today by clicking this link to submit via email.

NEW Navigational Sidebar

To give you as much screen real estate to work with, the new and improved sidebar is now collapsed by default. Hover over the sidebar to quickly jump into Inventory, Orders, and Analytics. Once you have access to Catalog Status BETA, it will also appear in the sidebar.

NEW Multi SKU Filter

NEW Multi SKU Filter Image

On the Catalog Status Page, you can now paste in a list of up to 250 SKUs to quickly filter and view. This makes it easy to look for updates on SKUs in your latest syndication project, or to see all the SKUs in a specific collection.

We also snuck in some powerful wildcard search functionality, so you can take your filtering to the next level! 🚀

NEW Responsive Bear Portal

Responsive Portal Image

Over the past year, we’ve all done remote and are seeing a very large proportion of the industry working in a more distrubuted way. We’ve received feedback and requests to make the Bear platform more user friendly and able to handle appropriately on smaller screen widths when working from home or on laptops.

Our App is now better optimized for 13” screens, which is the standard MacBook Pro.

Thank You for Reading

From the entire CommerceBear Team, we hope you're equally as excited about these new features. We’d love your feedback on how to can make this product newsletter better. You can reach us at product@commercebear.com with any feedback, questions, or fun bear facts.

Always Moving Forward,

Isaac Kim
Head of Product @ CommerceBear

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