🐻 March 2022 Product Updates

Isaac Kim
March 30, 2022
CommerceBear at High Point 2022

👋 It’s Isaac, Bear's Head of Product! It's almost time for High Point Market, North Carolina and we couldn't be more excited. We're coming with a bus full of individuals (literally!) from the Bear team including myself. If you are in town, send me a message so we can grab coffee or a drink!

️📰 In this March 2022 Edition:

  • Analytics Redesign & Refresh
  • HelloNext: What is it & how does it help?
  • Feature Highlight: Tasks
  • Changelog

✨Analytics Redesign & Refresh


🆕 Analytics has been overhauled to provide you an in-depth look at ecommerce performance across all products and channels. This new version contains all of the graphs from the previous version, but is enhanced with new metrics, configurability, and flexibility.

🎛️ With Analytics, you can now control and customize the data represented:

  • Start Date / End Date - controls the timeframe that the data will pull
  • Period - controls the aggregate for all date/time fields
  • SKU Measure - toggles "SKU Performance" between Order Quantity or GMV
  • Order Measure - toggles "Order GMV" by Channel or Category

📈 In addition, you now have access to the following default metrics:

  • Total GMV (one value)
  • AOV (one value)
  • Total # of Orders
  • Total Products Sold
  • Average expected Lead time (Days)
  • Thriving SKUs (top movers)
  • Thriving Categories (top movers)
  • Channel GMV Performance
  • Total GMV (Period over Period)
  • GMV by Channel or Category
  • SKU Performance by GMV or Order Quantity
  • Average Shipping Lag (per channel)

✨ Analytics is now LIVE in your account! You need to see it firsthand and begin uncovering just how powerful this tool is for your business!

✨HelloNext - What is it & how does it help?

You've probably seen an email similar to this one below and wondered what CommerceBear - HelloNext is, and why you have been added:

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.05.42 PM

✅ CommerceBear has partnered with HelloNext to provide you, at no additional cost, access to our private Feature Request Board. You can create and submit feature requests, vote on requests submitted by others, and follow along to see when feature requests get added to the Bear roadmap!

🔑 By clicking on the blue "View CommerceBear" button, a webpage will open in your default browser. You will be prompted to complete your account setup by setting up a password (you'll need to confirm the password as well!).

🌟 Click on the Activate button & you now have access to Bear's Feature Request Board!

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.25.03 PM

Running into issues creating your account? Have questions?

Reach out to product@commercebear.com and someone on the Product Team will reach back out to you within the next 24 hours to help get you started and logged in!

✨Feature Highlight: Tasks

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 5.44.50 PM

⚙️ Each time you process and update orders and inventory through any of our integrated sales channels, that work is handled as a “task”. Bear handles hundreds of simultaneous tasks behind the scenes, like updating static inventory and syncing your sales orders across all your channels.

🆕 With Tasks, you no longer have to wait and watch a progress bar to know if your tasks have succeeded or failed. You can check the status, at any time, in the Tasks panel, and get an email notification if a task fails to complete.

👀 By clicking on the Tasks icon on the top-right navigation bar, Tasks will appear as a side panel. This is a 7-day historical view of all the tasks initiated either by you, your team, or by CommerceBear on behalf of your organization. By default, you will only see tasks initiated by you or your team.

Read more about Tasks in our Help Article.

March 2022 Changelog

💪 We've made several enhancements to make your experience more intuitive and adaptable for your everyday workflow.

  1. Filters can now be returned to default settings by clicking the small reset button when new filters have been applied.
  2. Deactivated warehouses no longer appear on the Inventory page.
  3. Added a snazzy ✨New✨ pill into navigation to show off our cool new pages.
  4. Emails can no longer have whitespaces.
  5. Resync Statuses button added to Catalog Status page to trigger a channel product resynchronization on demand.
  6. Categories and channels are now listed in alphabetical order.

📻 Stay tuned for more exciting changes in April

I hope you're equally as excited as I am about the enhancements now live on Bear.

Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more exciting updates in April!

Always Moving Forward,


P.S. See you at High Point Market ⚡

Isaac Kim
Head of Product @ CommerceBear ⚡

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