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April 20, 2021

It’s a great day when a sofa powered by Bear represents the entire “furniture” category. 

If you’re new to Houzz, you should be setting up an account right now! Houzz is a home marketplace designed to help you shop and build through a deep network of merchants and contractors for upgrading your living space — it’s been called the LinkedIn for home improvement professionals. We’re thrilled to share that a listing powered by Bear is set as the thumbnail for “Furniture”.

Bear-powered sofa in the top spot on

We’re proud to see another vote of confidence in the quality of our listings. And it’s a signal that powerful product listings matter and get noticed. 

Too often product data gets lost or doesn’t translate properly into marketplaces like Houzz, resulting in furniture that simply isn’t found on the digital shelf. That’s why our platform automatically translates product level information to the right fields on each channel. In fact, our platform helps merchants optimize their titles, copy, attributes, and imagery to produce listings that more customers see. 

The listing, by the way, is the Pimlico 100% Top Grain Leather Sofa, which you can check out right here (or check out Hello Sofa Home’s catalog of stunning lifestyle images).

Looking to publish your own products to Houzz? You've come to the right place.

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