August Product Updates ⚡

Isaac Kim
August 27, 2021

Below are some major updates we’ve made this month. Learn more through our support articles, and then jump into the Bear Portal to check them out!



We handle hundreds of tasks behind the scenes for you, like updating static inventory and syncing orders across all your channels. With Tasks, you no longer have to wait and watch a progress bar to see success or failure. Check the status at any time in Tasks, or get emailed if a task fails.

Improvements to Analytics with SKU Performance Graphs


Have you seen the major change to Analytics recently? We’re launched three new reports that reveal SKU performance for your top-selling and worst-selling products over the last 30 days.

Need Your Feedback: New Supported Sales Channels

Our goal is to provide you at least 3 new sales channels, supported on CommerceBear, by the end of year.

Please fill out this quick 2 minute survey to help us better understand what new sales channels interest you the most, as well as the amount of support needed for these new sales channels.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more exciting updates in September!


I. Kim

Isaac Kim
Head of Product @


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