✨Team highlight: say hi to Jack Baldin!

One of our newest account executives, Jack is a talented and driven salesman with a knack for turning leads into business.

October 5, 2021

In just over six months at College Pro, Jack led all sales and marketing to deliver the most external sales achieved in the company’s history. With a degree in Business Management from Western University, Jack is now bringing his incredible drive and unbeatable attitude to CommerceBear.

Welcome to the team! What are you most excited about as you start at Bear?

Ecommerce is just at the 10 yard line — consumerism is changing and all signs point toward more online spend. Bear has a solution for a major problem in the industry: the online marketplace is terribly challenging to navigate right now and online expansion can appear as a daunting task to many businesses. I believe Bear will fulfill a key role in the industry as an enabler of online expansion. I especially believe this because the team behind the product is top tier! 

What drew you to pursue sales as a career?

Talking to interesting people. As much as I love talking, I also love listening. Having the opportunity to speak and build relationships with industry leaders is valuable to me. Learning from different people and understanding how to serve them and their businesses is a powerful experience and I love doing it.

What are your “words to live by” professionally?

“The grass is only green where you water it.” I was taught that relationships are a series of inputs and outputs, and that my value is based on how helpful I am. Aiming to be as helpful as possible is something I strive for.

“Relationships are a series of inputs and outputs. My value is based on how helpful I am.”

What’s your ecommerce marketplace of choice? Any deep cuts you’d like to share?

I normally go to Amazon for basic items, especially since I have a Prime account. I recently discovered a marketplace called Grailed. It's an online store specifically for high-end menswear and it has some really great prices. I have yet to purchase anything from there yet but my friends have great things to say!

What’s your favourite piece of furniture?

I would have to say my favourite piece of furniture is my bed. Afterall, I spend more time there than with any other furniture.

What’s your go-to downtime activity?

Most weekends I spend going out with friends whether it be a bar, golf, or any sort of gathering. I love being out and about, but of course I need my “me time” which largely consists of watching movies.

Welcome to the team, Jack! 


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