Built specifically for furniture manufacturers and wholesalers.
A simple, efficient way to drive new revenue without increasing headcount. We automate your manual work so you can focus on what counts.
Catalog Syndication
Optimized and enriched product listings for all your channels.
Fully built-out product content and data
Titles, descriptions, keywords, bullets, and attributes
Back-end content to drive search rank
Image optimization and dimensional lines
Engage customers, rank higher, and drive sales.
Automated multichannel syndication to the tedious task of deploying 300+ data points for each sku, every time. Bear listings have over 90% data coverage and content accuracy.
Top performing furniture SKUs.
Our launched skus are best-sellers and recommended buys across all platforms. Including the Colby, ranked 3rd overall on Overstock.com and the Asbury on Wayfair.com.
Inventory + Orders
Sync your full catalog and process orders with our native integrations.
Single, universal point of truth for all inventory
Seamless and centralized order management
Sell complicated kits, sets, and sectionals
Say goodbye to doing things manually.
Whether you use QuickBooks, Excel, or a legacy ERP, our software is fully standalone and universal so we can connect effortlessly.
Achieve a perfect vendor score.
Maintain perfect vendor performance with real-time inventory and centralized order flow. Avoid short shipments and out of stock events with the Bear platform.
Maximize profits & scale strategically by pulling the right levers.
Unpaid promotions and partner created sales
Sponsored ads, PPC, and paid opportunities
Capture market share and drive visibility.
Our platform drives best-in-class ad performance across each unique channel. Reach relevant audiences and re-engage shoppers that otherwise might not reach your product pages.
Walk before you run mentality.
We’ve built our reputation on helping brands build meaningful, organic revenue using unpaid opportunities and quality product listings before investing in the power of sponsored products.
Analytics + Pro Support
Achieve your most critical performance objectives with our platform and managed services.
Insight and performance data
Real support - your success manager is with you every step of the way
No more black box, making everything transparent.
See how your products are performing around the clock, know which SKUs are performing, and easily spot products that need some extra love.
Capture and leverage valuable data by uncovering how you performed, and why.
We'll measure everything—top line GMV, MoM growth, velocity, returns instances, so that you can achieve your goals by turning measurable awareness into more sales.
New Channel Launch 🚀
Offboarded contracting, payments, and legals.
Stop hounding buyers and leverage our recognized partnerships to get going faster
Pre-approve all your account settings—nothing goes live until you're satisfied
Automate your setup.
We assist you with onboarding and optimization, then integrate your company with leading channels as you scale up.
Bear is recognized everywhere.
Our established integrations with recognized channels means you bypass hurdles and get set up faster.
Give Bear a try
A simple, efficient way to drive new revenue and lower operational costs.
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