Built specifically for furniture makers.
A simple and efficient way to drive new revenue and increasing operational efficiency. Bear platform automates manual workflow so you can focus on what counts.
Catalog Publication
Launch, refresh, and discontinue SKUs
Image optimization and dimensional lines
Fully built-out product content and data
The #1 ranked sofa on Overstock.com is powered by Bear.
Learn how you can generate maximum data coverage and content accuracy for all your furniture listings, on all your channels.
Inventory + Orders
Single, universal point of truth for inventory
Seamless and centralized order management
Sell complicated kits, sets, and sectionals
Easily sync all inventory and manage all your orders across channels.
Improve your seller performance with real-time inventory and centralize order flow. Bear helps you avoid short shipments and out of stock events.
Catalog Status
Track progress on SKUs that are being published
Email notifications, 360 visibility, and listing hyperlinks
Access complete catalog visibility for the first time ever.
Quickly get a pulse of your SKU coverage on each sales channel, high level overviews, and actionable insight into active, paused, and error statuses.
Analytics + Pro Support
Insight and performance data
Designed merchant success manager at every step of the way
See how your products are performing and spot products that need extra love.
We'll measure everything—top line GMV, MoM growth, returns, Average Order Value, to turn measurable awareness into more revenue.
New Channel Launch 🚀
Our Merchant Success team supports and guides you through the process of applying, opening, and scaling new channels.
Setup and launch new channels.
Established integrations with recognized channels means you can bypass hurdles and get set up quickly.
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A simple, efficient way to drive new revenue and lower operational costs.
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