We're what happens when
tech meets furniture.
A simple, efficient way for manufacturers and wholesalers to drive new revenue without increasing headcount. We automate your manual work so you can focus on what counts.
About us
Designed by furniture sellers, for furniture sellers
Our CEO isn’t your average tech founder—he's the fourth generation in the furniture industry, with a family who have clocked more than 80 years in the business. CommerceBear initially started by selling furniture through our very own white label online brands, learning exactly what it’s like to be in a manufacturer’s shoes. We’ve leveraged our deep furniture industry expertise and scaled into a leading technology company powering manufacturers and wholesalers to sell across Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock, and more.
Our mission
We’re on a mission to democratize the way manufacturers can sell online - which means helping SMBs and top 100s alike to build, scale, and diversify their online revenue in the most efficient way possible. Multichannel ecommerce shouldn’t be challenging or have a barrier to entry. So we set out to solve this problem.
Track record
We’ve worked with 60K+ articles of furniture from leading brands and deeply understand what it takes to establish and drive effective multichannel revenue.
Our brands
Our white label brands are currently used as a sandbox to test new product features and technology: Sloane Elliot, Oliver Pierce, Common Home.

Our products are best-sellers and recommended buys across all platforms. Including the Colby, ranked 3rd overall on Overstock.com and the Asbury on Wayfair.com.
Our leadership
Meet the people building the best furniture ecommerce platform in the world. We share a passion for solving big problems and are committed to democratizing the way furniture manufacturers sell.
Sam Vlessing
Founder, CEO
Jeffrey Hendler
Ed Robinson
Howard Lis
Executive Chairman
Jason Tham
Advisory Board
Jeremy Greven
Advisory Board
John Caliendo
Advisory Board
What they're saying
“Democratizing the way furniture manufacturers can sell online”
“Designed to meet the unique needs of the furniture industry”
“Meet the company making ecommerce bear-able”
“Built and tested from the perspective of a furniture manufacturer”
“Increase efficiency and grow revenues”
“CommerceBear named one of Canada’s most innovative tech companies”
Contact us
phone number
US: +1 929 232 2327
CAD: +1 647 479 6243
Bear HQ
77 Bloor Street West, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1M2
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